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Building A Bigger, Leaner Body

RRP $12.00

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder then consider this volume. This book will give you the basics concerning breathing, posture, nutrition and basic routines, to achieving a well-proportioned bodybuilder form. Starting with correct information will make the difference between success or failure and there is no point in pursuing each exercise incorrectly. Not only could you seriously injury yourself but you would not make true gains. Focusing on specific muscle groups such as shoulders for your first routine and then moving on to legs, abs, back, and so on until you have completed all major muscle groups will ensure an overall even development in the long run.

How To Build A Motorcycle

RRP $19.95

Three friends learn about mechanics and teamwork as they work together to build a miniature motorcycle.

Eli, Phoebe, and Hank once again join forces to build another miniature vehicle--a motorcycle!

How to Build a Motorcycle continues the Technical Tales series, where a group of three unlikely friends--a rat, a sparrow, and a frog--come together to build another vehicle--a motorcycle! As they start working, they encounter many unexpected obstacles, teaching them (and the reader) about the different parts that make a motorcycle work. Detailed illustrations explain the overall functions of the engine, clutch, brakes, distributors, as well as many other parts of the motorcycle. Through hard work and perseverance, the three friends learn about mechanics and teamwork as they work together to build a miniature motorcycle.

About the Author

Martin Sodomka is a graphic designer based in the Czech Republic. He is a self-published illustrator of books for children.

A beautiful storyteller, Saskia Lacey is an educational children's author with an extensive teaching background. Lacey has developed engaging children's stories and projects for a variety of publishers and illustrators.

How To Build A Girl

RRP $22.99

The number 1 Sunday Times bestseller from Caitlin Moran, bestselling author of How To Be a Woman…

My name's Johanna Morrigan. I'm fourteen, and I've just decided to kill myself.

I don't really want to die, of course! I just need to kill Johanna, and build a new girl. Dolly Wilde will be everything I want to be, and more! But as with all the best coming-of-age stories, it doesn't exactly go to plan…

The brilliant Number One bestselling novel from Caitlin Moran, the award-winning and Sunday Times bestselling author of How To Be a Woman.

About the Author

Caitlin Moran was brought up on a council estate in Wolverhampton where she was home-educated, wore a poncho and had boys throw stones at her whilst calling her 'a bummer'. She published a children's novel, The Chronicles of Narmo, at the age of 16, then became a columnist at The Times at the age of 18 which, yeah, looking back now is kind of weird. At one point she was Columnist, Interviewer and Critic of the Year - so in your face, 'bummer' boys. Her multi-award-winning bestseller How To Be a Woman was published in 25 countries, was a New York Times bestseller and won the British Book Awards Book of the Year. Her second book, Moranthology, was a Sunday Times bestseller. With her sister, she co-writes the Channel 4 sitcom Raised by Wolves. Caitlin lives on Twitter with her husband and two children, where she spends her time tweeting either about civil rights issues, or that picture of Bruce Springsteen when he was 25 and has his top off. She would like to be remembered as 'a very sexual humanitarian'.

It's A Selfish Program

RRP $12.99

IT'S A SELFISH PROGRAM provides an introduction to the issues of "self," "selfishness" and "self-care" in healing from addiction. Steven C begins by candidly sharing what brought him to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, followed by his three-stage view of how our "self" can evolve from a mortal enemy to a beloved friend. This booklet is intended to help anyone in search of a clear sense of "self" mark the pathway to a place of safety, peace, joy and love. Selfishness gets a bad name in addiction... and with good reason. But until we can truly understand what this "self" is and how to prioritize it, recovery from addiction can be a very rough road. Do you forget about your own needs and wants in your primary relationships? Do you have trouble setting and holding boundaries? Do you determine your "okayness" by how other people in your life feel? If any of these are true for you, read this booklet.

Building A House With Lego

RRP $14.99

This STEM/STEAM book provides emerging readers with the chance to experience a combination of science, technology, engineering, art, and/or math subject matter. The engaging nonfiction texts of this program utilize many text structures, including description, cause and effect, problem and solution, and compare and contrast.


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Tiny House Small House Caravan Campervan
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Tiny House Small House Caravan Campervan
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