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A Supply Chain Logistics Program For Warehouse Management

RRP $251.99

A well-planned, well-structured warehouse management system (WMS) offers significant advantages to an organization, particularly in its ability to make warehouse operations more efficient, more cost effective, and more responsive.

A Supply Chain Logistics Program for Warehouse Management details the concepts, applications, and practices necessary for the successful management of a WMS program, including the selection and adoption of the right software.Taking a process approach to a generic warehouse and its workings, the authors trace a producta (TM)s life cycle from its receipt at a warehouse, through its outbound shipment, and to its eventual return.

This approach illustrates the logistics of a well-run supply chain and how it works in relation to every phase of a warehousea (TM)s operation. The book details each phase and its related process, demonstrating how every component fits into the overall operation. Specific topics include how to reduce product damage, enhance identified product flow and track inventory, increase employee productivity, improve customer service, reduce warehouse operating costs, improve profits, and assure asset protection. The book also presents guidelines, tips and checklists so the reader can view how each component is carried out.

Whether a warehouse operation supports a small, medium, or large business, A Supply Chain Logistics Program for Warehouse Management is an important book to have in order to design a system that reduces operating costs, improves products, and maintains timely delivery to customers.A

The A-z Of Raising Smalls - A House Husband's View

RRP $18.99

The truth about parenting kids by a full time house husband and father of three children

"Since man was created/climbed down out of the trees/arrived through some rift in time and space(delete as applicable) he has had to cope with the thorn issue of Raising Smalls."

A bold enough statement but not particularly true because it has actually nearly always been woman's role to take the primary parenting responsibility of raising children. But the times, they are a changing, and fathers now often find themselves in uncharted territory; at home, trying to cope with tasks that they have neither been genetically programmed nor socially trained to carry out.Where do these new house husbands begin?

There are many websites and parenting books filled with child care advice which is largely contradictory as experts extemporise on the latest research into child behaviour, each claiming that theirs is the answer to dealing with the difficult issues surrounding the raising of children.

This is not one of those. The author is not a parenting expert qualified in child psychology or a super nanny that can sort out problem children just by looking at them in a stern tone of voice. He is just a house husband, a father as adrift as any other. He has no parenting advice to offer but can, perhaps, share some of the pain of Raising Smalls.

Eek! There's A Mouse In The House

RRP $8.99

EEK! There's a Mouse in the house. Send in the Cat. Send in the Dog. Send in the Cow. Send that Cow NOW! Who will help catch that Mouse? This humorous rhyming tale, now being offered in board book format, depicts the chaos that ensues when a mouse is discovered in the house and a variety of animals are invited inside to help chase it out. AUTHOR Wong Herbert Yee lives in Michigan, where he writes and illustrates books for children including the Mouse and Mole series and the Fireman Small series. For a complete list of books by Wong Herbert Yee, visit www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com. For more information about Wong, visit his Web site at http://hometown.aol.com/wongherbertyee/ AGES 0-3 + Grades Preschool *

Developmental Issues In Small Island Economies

RRP $256.99

This volume fills a gap in the literature by analyzing basic issues in development economics as they affect a particular type of Third World nation - small island economies. Using practical examples from the Caribbean Basin and the South Pacific, the authors examine in depth structural and employment issues, demographic and socioeconomic issues, and environmental and natural resource issues. Their aim throughout is to identify and assess the particular and unique development problems faced by small island economies so that effective policies can be derived that will more accurately reflect socioeconomic realities in these areas. Following an introductory overview, the authors discuss the role of staple exports in the economic well being of small island economies as well as issues relating to manufacturing and service sector activities and the structural and employment impacts of tourism. In Part Two, they turn to an exploration of demographic and socioeconomic issues including the effects of urbanization on the development process, the implications of migration from and between small island nations, the brain drain problem, and the relationship between criminal activity and development. Part Three shifts the focus from people-oriented issues to concerns related to agriculture and resource utilization. Separate chapters address agriculture in the developmental mix, the use of fisheries, forest resources, minerals, and conservation issues. The final section looks at the international considerations raised by the study and outlines the policy implications of the authors' findings. Students of development economics, international trade, and finance will find this an invaluable contribution to the greater understanding of the specific development problems faced by small island economies.

Queen Housewife

RRP $12.99

A must have manual for anyone becoming a housewife (or husband). All the basics are here from nesting, growing a garden, homemade cleaners, creating a household budget, self care and preservation, organizing and much more. This can be the best job you will ever have and this book will guide you through it with lots of advice and step by step guidance.


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