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A Big Cheese For The White House

RRP $17.99

Based on a true moment in American history, this funny picture book celebrates the ingenuity and community spirit of one small New England town as it attempts to make the country's biggest cheese for the nation's greatest man.

A Children's Book of the Year, Bank Street College

In A Dark, Dark House

RRP $7.99

The All Aboard Reading series features stories that capture beginning readers' imagination while developing their vocabulary and reading comprehension. The Picture Readers, appropriate for preschoolers, combine a very simple text with rebuses. Flash cards bound in the book help make the transition from the rebus to the printed word. As the levels progress, the stories get longer, and the print size gets smaller, preparing readers for longer books with chapters. All the books are illustrated in full color, and engage a child's curiosity with a range of topics from science to sports, history, and fantasy. Preschool - Grade 1.

Escaping The House Work Book Two

RRP $14.99

Sylvia Charlewood is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has written poetry all her life. In her seventieth decade, she has decided to make a selection to offer to others. Her poems are simple and usually refer to the small, daily happenings in life. Her great love is for the work of P B Shelley, whose wonderful lyrical poetry has inspired her since she was a young child.

Small Groups

RRP $274.99

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the social-psychological literature on social interaction in small groups. Part I covers the influence of the physical situation, personalities, and social characteristics of the group members on the dynamics of the group. Part II covers the effect of the presence of others on pressures to conform experienced by group members. Part III includes chapters on roles, relationships, and leadership. Part IV reviews verbal and nonverbal communication, group decision making, and choice shift. Part V deals with cooperation, competition, and conflict resolution. Part VI discusses two types of external influence on the small group: the influence exerted by a larger group of which the smaller group is part, and the influence exerted by other groups with which the small group cooperates or competes.

Building Your House On The Lord

RRP $15.99

Living on Solid Ground

Most couples struggle at some point in their relationship with hard questions of marriage and family life, such as, what is God's primary purpose for marriage? What does it mean for a man to be the head of a home? Is divorce ever acceptable? How do we raise children who will love God? What does God have to say about the way we communicate, or about sexual intimacy?

Authors Steve and Dee Brestin have wrestled with these questions in their own marriage and have found that God's Word is the only reliable blue-print for marriage and family life. This study will guide you through the encouragement that the Bible gives for those relationships. Jesus told us the storms will come and batter our homes, but if we obey him, our house will stand firm.


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Tiny House Small House Caravan Campervan
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Tiny House Small House Caravan Campervan
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