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Tiny House

RRP $18.99

Are you tired of spending so many hours at work, missing out the fun things in life, just to pay off your mortgage?

Do you feel the need of relieving nature a little bit from this unbearable burden we have cast upon her?

Do you want to live in a cozy place without having to be paying for it for the rest of your life, while you end up repaying almost double its cost due to interest rates?

The path is simple and more fun than you think

The Tiny House movement has taken the world by storm due to all the benefits it provides to the homeowners and the environment all at the same time

Here is what this book will cover:

  • What exactly is a tiny home?
  • Reasons to live in a tiny house
  • What should a beginner know before building a tiny home?
  • Should you build or buy your tiny house?
  • Do you need Insurance?
  • Do you have space?
  • How long does it take to build a tiny home?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Where would I be able to live?
  • What are your financing options for a tiny house?
  • How do I downsize?
  • Tips on traveling with your tiny home
  • How do you keep someone from stealing your home?
  • Tiny home storage
  • Tiny Home Hacks

Start living your dream today!

A House Of Tailors

RRP $11.99

SEWING! NO ONE could hate it more than Dina Kirk.

Endless tiny stitches, button holes, darts. Since she was tiny, she's worked in her family's dressmaking business, where the sewing machine is a cranky member of the family.

When 13-year-old Dina leaves her small town in Germany to join her uncle's family in Brooklyn, she turns her back on sewing. Never again! But looking for a job leads her right back to the sewing machine. Why did she ever leave home? Here she is, still with a needle and thread-and homesick to boot.

She didn't know she could be this homesick, but she didn't know she could be so brave either, as she is standing up to an epidemic or a fire. She didn't know she could grow so close to her new family or to Johann, the young man from the tailor's shop. And she didn't know that sewing would reveal her own wonderful talent-and her future.

In Dina, the beloved writer Patricia Reilly Giff has created one of her most engaging and vital heroines. Readers will enjoy seeing 1870s Brooklyn through Dina's eyes, and share her excitement as she discovers a new world.

From the Hardcover edition.

Games And House Design For Dwarf Rabbits

RRP $15.99

Instructive how-to photos on every page complement this idea-packed handbook for owners of pet dwarf rabbits. These tiny creatures are not only warm, furry, and cuddly; they also readily respond to training and are capable of learning many tricks. Author Esther Schmidt describes a variety of games and pastimes that can add up to great fun for both rabbits and their owners. She also presents--

  • Photo-illustrated construction plans for both simple and elaborate rabbit housing
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for making rabbits' toys for both indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Ideas for making rabbit beds, baskets . . . and much more

    Games and House Design for Dwarf Rabbits is a title in Barron's brand-new Games and House Design series of idea books that encourage bonding between animal lovers and their pets. All books in this series focus on ways to create an optimal environment for your pet while emphasizing the many joys that come with pet ownership. The books are filled with color photos on most pages, sidebar tips, and construction diagrams.

  • A Tiny Speck

    RRP $39.99

    Sandra Darwin was born in post war Yorkshire. The community spirit of the time shines through in her story of a happy childhood. The frugality of the working classes was of no consequence to her. In her adult life things changed and she harboured a dream that for a long time seemed impossible.

    The Houses Of History

    RRP $333.99

    The houses of history is a clear, jargon-free introduction to the major theoretical approaches employed by historians. This innovative critical reader provides accessible introductions to fourteen schools of thought, from the empiricist to the postcolonial, including chapters on Marxist history, Freud and psychohistory, the Annales, historical sociology, narrative, gender and history of the emotions among others.

    Each chapter begins with a succinct description of the ideas integral to a particular theory. The authors then explore the insights and controversies arising from the application of this model, drawing upon debates and examples from around the world. Each chapter concludes with a representative example from a historian writing within this conceptual framework.

    This newly revised edition of the highly successful textbook is the ideal basis for an introductory course in history and theory for students of history at all levels.


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