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American Hometown Renewal

RRP $511.99

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Before the interstates, Main Street America was the small town's commercial spine and served as the linchpin for community social solidarity. Yet, during the past three decades, a series of economic downturns has left many of the great small cities barely viable. American Hometown Renewal is the first book to combine administrative, budgetary, and economic analysis to examine the economic and fiscal plight currently facing America's small towns. Featuring a blend of theory, applications, and case studies, it provides a comprehensive, single-source textbook covering the key issues facing small town officials in today's uncertain economy. Written by a former public manager, university professor, and consultant to numerous small towns in the Heartland, this book demonstrates the ways in which contemporary small towns throughout the nation are facing economic challenges brought about by the financial shocks that began in 2008. Each chapter explores a theme related to small town revival and provides a related tool or technique to enable small town officials to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Encouraging local small town officials to look at the economic orbit of communities in a similar manner as a town's budget or a family's personal wealth, examining its specific competitive advantages in terms of relative assets to those of competing communities, this book provides the reader with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct an asset inventory and apply key asset tools to devise a strategy for overcoming the challenges and constraints imposed upon spatially-fixed communities. American Hometown Renewal is an essential primer for students studying city management, economic community development, and city planning, and will be a trusted handbook for city managers, geographers, city planners, urban or rural sociologists, political scientists, and regional microeconomists.

Growing Herbs At Home

RRP $16.99

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Growing Herbs at Home, A Guide to Growing Herbs at Home for Beginners Getting The Most Out Of Your Space At Home To Grow a Wonderful Herb Garden Growing your own herb garden at home can be a rewarding experience. Having no garden at home or very little outside space is no barrier to growing edible plants to use in your everyday cooking. From the smallest of balconies to even a modest windowsill in your kitchen you too can grow yourself a beautiful little herbs garden, providing you with unlimited herbs. Herbs are not only a wonderful addition to a kitchen garden they can also provide medicinal uses for everyday ailments. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to make teas and rubs to alleviate the symptoms of the simple cold to many stomach complaints. So if you want to know more about the original super food grab this book and find out what herbs can do for you in both the kitchen and medicine cabinet for the fraction of the cost of using your local stores. Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Where can you grow herbs at homeWhat things you will needEssential Information To Get You StartedHistory and uses of herbsCommon varieties of herbsCulinary herbsMedicinal herbsRecipes using herbsAnd Much More! Tags: Gardening Tips, Herb Garden, Recipes, Kitchen Garden, Growing Herbs, House plants, Parsley, Basil, Cooking, Gardening Books, Growing Herbs for Dummies, Mint, Tarragon, Cilantro, Vegetable Patch, Vegan, Vegetarian

Oxford Literacy Guided Reading Finding A New Home

RRP $12.99

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My family had to move house. Find out how we chose a new place to live in Finding a New Home. Oxford Literacy has been specifically designed to support guided reading in the first three years of school. The Oxford Literacy fiction and non-fiction guided reading texts recognise that a guided reading group in a 'real' classroom never has every student on the same level; therefore, the texts and supporting teaching versions allow educators to work with small groups of students across a range of levels within their stage of reading.

Small Animal Endoscopy, 3e

RRP $226.00

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The latest edition of the critically acclaimed Small Animal Endoscopy presents informative, practical, and up-to-date guidance on endoscopic indications, instrumentation, patient preparation, and techniques. Todd R. Tams and Clarence A. Rawlings, the foremost experts in veterinary endoscopy, provide the novice as well as the advanced practitioner with the information needed to deliver the safest, high-quality endoscopic services for small animals, including avian and exotics. Chapters are organized consistently and lavishly illustrated to help you easily find and understand key concepts and procedures. This edition includes a companion website with expert demonstrations of techniques, as well as a collection of marketing brochures and examples of patient discharge instructions for veterinarians to give clients.

  • Enables you to deliver the safest, high quality care and a wider range of services to the pets of increasingly concerned and savvy owners.

  • Features cutting-edge information on minimally invasive procedures to improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce operating time, improve success, minimize post-operative stress and pain, and promote faster healing.

  • Helps you recognize the many indications for endoscopy in everyday practice.

  • Covers a vast range of topics in a clear, concise and readable style.

  • Describes instrumentation, examination, and sample procurement techniques in detail.

  • Shows both normal and abnormal findings you may encounter during a procedure in an atlas of images in relevant chapters.

  • Provides minimally invasive examination and surgical options for veterinarians treating uniquely sensitive avian and exotic patients.

  • Provides step-by-step instructions on specific techniques

  • Helps beginners master endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and more experienced endoscopists utilize their endoscopic equipment to its fullest capacity.

  • Expanded content on the use of rigid endoscopy helps you perform the most current minimally invasive surgical procedures.

  • A new coeditor, Dr. Clarence Rawlings, shares his expertise in rigid endoscopy for diagnostic and surgical procedures and his extensive knowledge of endosurgery.

  • Consistent chapter organization includes sections on indications, instrumentation, patient preparation, and restraint, in addition to details of the procedures themselves.

  • Over 1,000 color images depict normal and abnormal anatomical features, as well as numerous tables and diagrammatic representations.

  • Required or recommended instrumentation

  • Instructions on how to care for, clean, and store endoscopic instruments

  • Pre-endoscopic procedures, including patient preparation, equipment set-up, and positioning of personnel

  • Instructions on how to correctly hold and manipulate both flexible and rigid endoscopes

  • Post-endoscopic procedures, including patient recovery and proper submission of tissue samples

  • Information on how to incorporate flexible and rigid endoscopy into a veterinary practice using specific marketing skills and appropriate personnel training

  • A bonus website takes understanding to the next level with videos of:

    • Cystoscope placement technique, normal cystoscopy, and calculi removal

    • How to perform a normal examination

    • 12 different clinical endoscopic procedures, including intraoperative uretheroscopy, laparoscopic-assisted cystoscopy, laser correction of an ectopic ureter, and more

    • Many patient cases are showcased, with each case presenting a patient's complaint, diagnostic studies used for assessment, the endoscopic procedure enlisted, surgical treatment, and case follow-up. The benefits of using endoscopy are discussed in each case.

How To Start A Successful Home Business And Become Wealthy

RRP $12.99

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This book explores some of the secrets used by many successful home based entrepreneurs to launch and start a business from the comfort of their homes. Some of these secrets have helped the rich get richer and their businesses continue to record profit after profit, year after year. If you are tired of working long endless shifts, worried about been retrenched, your retirement, 9-5 work routines and the hassle of travelling to and from work, then the good news is this book can help you explore the opportunities that you can explore and break free from the hassles of work and enjoy your time with your family. There are many opportunities that can allow you to be your own BOSS, and these will make money be on the way to you. Let this book be your simple guide to start enjoying your time and learn some of the secrets used by the rich and wealthy people.


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Tiny House Small House Caravan Campervan
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Tiny House Small House Caravan Campervan
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